I Like Anal Fins and I Cannot Lie: Male Guppies’ Preferential Choice and Sexual Behavior Toward Female Guppy Models with Anal Fins

Julian Thomason, Joshua Trimm, Callie Briggs, Keeleigh Will, Bobby Bowser


Sexual selection and mating choice in guppies (Poecilia reticulata) often heavily relies on the physical characteristics of the female guppy. According to other scientific studies we have found, the type of fin present on a female guppy can affect the male guppy’s inclination to exhibit sexual behavior and choose a mate. To test this, we observed a male guppy’s reaction to and behavior around two bright yellow 3-D print model female guppies. One model had both a dorsal and anal fin, and one only had a dorsal fin. Our results yielded that the male guppy chose the female experimental model with the presence of an anal fin instead of the female standard model with no anal fin. This observation gives additional insight into the process of fish mating and the male guppy’s mating preferences, which ultimately can enrich and deepen the greater scientific community’s current knowledge of sexual selection and mating choice in guppies.

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