Light ‘Em Up: How light and darkness effect algal growth

Jasmine Brown, Jillian Benoit, Jillian Benoit, Morganne Browning, Morganne Brownning, Ranjit Pandey, Ranjit Pandey


Hey, we aren’t done yet. Can you blame us, one of your group mates was gone! Grade mercifully, our final draft will be lit we swear!!!!!

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We counted the number of cells from a sample from each culture on a Hemocytometer slide. Each cell was counted on an area of 0.004 mm2.or 4 x 10-6 mL. The cell density was calculated by dividing the number of cells over the area (in millimeters). The cell density from both the initial measurement and the measurement a week later are graphed below (Figure 1).


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