The Oxygen Levels of Zophobas Morio (super worms) under Different Temperatures

Lauren Owens, Hannah Oliver, Madeline Rogers, Victoria Porter, Avery Melton


We wanted to investigate the relationship between the metabolic rates and different temperatures in super worms, also known as Zophobas Morio. In order to measure the relationship between the rates and various temperatures, we decided to test the oxygen consumption of the worms at three different temperatures (14 degrees Celsius, 21 degrees Celsius, and 29 degrees Celsius).  To test the oxygen consumption the worms were placed in bio chambers along with a temperature probe and oxygen probe.  We then tested the oxygen consumption with the probe for 300 seconds (5 minutes) three different times for each temperature with a 300 second (5 minute) rest period between the trials.  Our results showed that an increase in temperature would call for an increase in oxygen consumption.          

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