The effects of Phosphorous and Nitrogen concentrations on Algal density

Brenden Determann II, Lauren Diebold, Gabriella Cochran, Alex Fernandez, Matthew ridenour


In our investigation, we wanted to examine the relationship of algal density, with added nitrogen and phosphorous present within solutions from different water sources using chlorophyll as an indicator from lakes and streams. We determined experimental factors that contributed to algae growth within our environments such as nitrogen and phosphorous as we used photo spectrometry to measure these solutions. This led us to the question of using these two factors; do these affected concentrations of algal, using chlorophyll as an indicator, effect density of algal present over a certain period of time? During our trials, we used a Vernier Spectrometer to calculate a precise average and measure the amount of total chlorophyll present by use of wavelengths. Using the collected data of phosphorous and nitrogen levels, we noticed a positive correlation among the chlorophyll present within the algae that led to more growth.

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