The Not-So-Legen-Dairy Effects of Milk Powder on Algae Growth in Salt Water, Chlorinated Water, and Lake Water

Adrienne Blakey, Alexia Benson, Breannah Banks, Jay Walton


The nutrient levels in aquatic ecosystems effect the scope of the harmful process, eutrophication. Prominent nutrients such as Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Potassium have been frequently investigated in relation to eutrophication. The more overlooked nutrient, calcium, has shown signs of having impactful effects on the algal populations of different aquatic systems. It was predicted that the increased presence of calcium in lake water will positively affect the algal population, calcium in salt water will positively affect algal growth, and calcium in pool water will extinguish the algal population. The results from this investigation of the effect of calcium on the algal populations in salt water, chlorinated water, and lake water were inconclusive.

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