Male Mating Choices in Guppies: Can guppies distinguish a stationary model from a moving model?

Jaydee Flores De Jesus, Deja Broyles, Codi Bendabout, Jordan Gauss


We know that guppies are a sexually dimorphic species and their mating behaviors will vary depending on how they choose their mate. Male display courtship behaviors if they can distinguish the quality of a female.  In our investigation we tested if the male guppy would prefer a model that can move over a stationary model. To test this hypothesis we used a fishing wire in one of the models to create the illusion that the model displayed a natural behavior by moving with the motion created by the filter of the tank. In the other model we used piano wire that does not allow the fish to flow with the water. We found that the male guppy displayed more courtship behaviors towards the model with movement which supported our hypothesis.

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