“It’s Getting Hot in Here: A Measurement of Metabolic Rate Changes Due to Temperature in Endotherms and Ectotherms”

Larissa Kozlowski, Lauren Jones, Keshona Hawkins, Jon Riggs


The experimental goal of this study was to test the effects of increased temperature on endotherms and ectotherms. We hypothesized that ectotherms’ metabolic rate would adjust more rapidly to temperature increase than endotherms’ would and that, when the average percent change in metabolic rates were compared, the ectotherm would exhibit a larger percent change. We measured CO2 outputs of one mouse and two cockroaches, and monitored the test subjects for any behavioral changes. Background scholarly research has proven our hypothesis correct, but our results concluded that endotherms actually adjust their metabolic rate more rapidly. We inferred that this is because they are trying to regulate their own body temperature, causing their metabolism to increase rapidly, which only makes them warmer.


metabolism; temperature; CO2; mouse; cockroach; ectotherm; endotherm

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