Ectothermic Extravaganza: Comparing Metabolic Rates of Superworms (Zophobas morio) and Madagascar Hissing Cockroches ( Gromphaddorhina portentose) in Different Temperatures

Holly Tompkins, Frank Tapocik, Younas Gul, Sierra Williams


We investigated the effects coler temperatures have on the metabolic rate of Madagascar Hissing coackroahces compared to superworms. In order to test our hypothesis, we performed several trails in which each animal was tested in room temperature and colder temperature. The reason we tested these two types of animals is because both are ectotherms, meaning they use the environment to control their own body temperature. We measured metabolic rate by looking at the increase or decrease of CO2 production in a small respiration chamber. Our results showed that superworms had a higher metabolism in colder environments compared to cockroaches. It also showed that coackroches have a higher metabolism in room temperature compared to superworms.

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