The Effect of Different Wavelengths of Light on Photosynthesis

John Brennan Garner, Bailey Chambers, Lauren Flynn, Michael Cobbs


All plants undergo photosynthesis; however, the rate of photosynthesis differs among different plant species and even among various plants of the same species, based on environmental factors (Royal Society of Chemistry, N.D.). The goal of our experiment is to discover why this difference occurs. This concept used in this study is relatively new, and we are testing the oxygen level based on the conditions that the plant is under. A Florida Beauty plant was placed under green light and then red light and the rate of oxygen production was measured. The rate of oxygen emission is directly related to the rate of photosynthesis (Hoefnagels, 2009). The results from this experiment could be used to reduce waste buildup on our planet by developing bio-plastic materials (French, 2014).

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