The Effect of Ambient Temperature on the CO2 Output of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

Hayden Burnett, Kayley Bradley, Phoebe Austerman, Keinan Bazile, Shauni D'Na Windle


In our experiment, we sought to see if there was a relationship between the temperature of the environment and the output of CO2 by the cockroaches. To test this theory, we conducted an experiment in which we placed the cockroaches in a container at three different temperatures (18˚C, 23˚C, and 27˚C, with three trials per temperature,) with a CO2 monitor and thermometer to gauge the temperature and output of CO2. By the end of the experiment, there appeared to be a correlation between the warmer temperature and CO2 output; the warmer the cockroaches, the more CO2 they produced. However, the room temperature respiration rates were actually lower than the cold temperature respiration rates.

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