The OJ Trials: How orange juice affects the growth of Picochlorum oklahomesnse

Jenna Dalglish, Caroline Joyner, Caroline Geist, Kaiton Jackson, Austin Leone


Our goal of this study was to find an efficient and cost effective way to increase production of algae. We noted that algae thrives in an environment in which nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium are all present. We took interest in potassium specifically and wondered what effect a substance high in potassium, like orange juice, would have on algae growth. We chose a commercial-grade orange juice that contained 24% potassium. We added 4 mL of orange juice to our experimental group and measured the cell count and chlorophyll of the bioreactor chambers. Our data showed that orange juice had a positive effect on the growth of algae. Based on our findings, we recommend using isolate potassium to grow algae rapidly for potential biofuel use.

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