The Effect of Glucose on Cell Density in Picochlorum oklahomensis

Jasmine Phetsacksith, Brooke Merrick, Ethan Renner, Winston Mosse, Jake Kline


The experiment we conducted included glucose, which is one of the most common sources of energy for many organisms. We decided to analyze whether glucose had a positive impact on the growth rate of Picochlorum oklahomensis over a span of one week. For our experiment, we set up four photobioreactors with the same amount of H2O, growth media, NaHCO3, and salt. Two of the photobioreactors were used as the control and glucose was added to the remaining photobioreactors as the experimental. All four photobioreactors were left under T5 growth lights with approximately 50% of the sun’s intensity for one week.

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