Miracid Effects on the Amount of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) of Picochlorum oklahomense Algae

Kayley Bradley, Phoebe Austerman, keinan bazile, Hayden Burnett, Shauni Windle


 Biofuels Research and Aquatic Quality Collaborative (BiRAQC) is a research group that researches several projects to determine different factors that affect algae growth. We decided to further explore the effect of pollutants from yard run-off on algae growth. To investigate this, we conducted an experiment in which we created photobioreactors with water bottles that contained growth media, algae, and salt, with Miracid in the experimental bottles. We hypothesized that the photobioreactors with Miracid added will have a higher dissolved oxygen content due to the resulting increased algae growth. At the end of our experiment, our results showed a lower dissolved oxygen content in the photobioreactors with Miracid added, and our hypothesis was not supported.

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