Color vibrancy effects on male sexual selection in Poecilia reticulata

Sydnee Gemar, Megan Giddens, Emily Giddens, Jack Spicer


Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) are involved in sexual selection during the reproductive process. Even though females typically have the final decision in mating partners, phenotypic traits—such as body color—influence male courtship behaviors toward female guppies. Previous studies have shown that male guppies are more attracted to longer wavelengths of color. This study researches if the shade of the female guppy impacts the frequency of the male guppy’s courtship behaviors using two shades of orange 3-D printed models. The majority of our results supported our prediction that female guppies with a “true orange” shade would receive more male attention than guppies with a bright orange shade due to “true orange” having a longer wavelength. The results of this study contribute to the ongoing research on male guppy sexual selection to further understand what males look for in a mating partner.

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