Poecilia reticulata Mating Preference in Relation to Color

Jayla Melvin, Justin Sawatzky, Kailey Mori, Jayden Smith, Austin Leone, kaylee Powell


In this investigation we are determining what different factors that play a role in the male guppy mating preference. Female guppy characteristics such as color, size, and translucency are all determining factors. We decided to test a control color of cool grey against the experimental color of translucent red to see which color the male guppies prefer. We did five minute intervals with ten different fish and recorded the data. We hypothesized that male guppies would be more attracted to brightly colored females. Our hypothesis was partially supported in the fact that the guppies spent more time with the experimental model. However, when it comes to behavioral patterns, the guppies exhibited much more fin fanning towards the control model and more biting towards the experimental.

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