Effect of CH4N2O (urea) on Picochlorum oklahomense Growth

Caroline Carson, Dani Kirsch, Bradley Fritch, Donyail Bryant, Abby Fate


Biofuels are an important source of energy in fuel found today. Finding efficient ways to produce biomass for creation of biofuels is a critical area of research. Our study conducted the effects 1M CH4N2O (urea) on the growth of the species of algae, Picochlorum oklahomense. Algae is one of many plant sources showing promise as a potential biofuel. 1M CH4N2O (urea) was used to test how nitrogen content affects the growth of the algae. We hypothesized that the increase in nitrogen would increase the algae growth, and our results supported our hypothesis with an increase in cell growth over 5 day and 7 day periods. The research can be used to increase the growth of algae for use as a biofuel.   

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