The effects of phosphate on the growth of Picochlorum oklahomense for biofuel production

Kaylyn Branen, Zachery Carnahan, Raney Bennett Bradley, Becca Cromack, Austin Leone


Phosphorus is an essential nutrient to promote algae growth, which is used as a source of biofuel. This study was conducted to discover the effects of phosphate on algae growth, which can potentially lead to higher biofuel production. We predicted that adding phosphate would increase algae growth when compared to our control group. The study compared the cell densities of algae growing in a bioreactor that had double the recommended amount, 32 µL, for algae growth to algae growing in a bioreactor with no added phosphorus. The data from our study is shown to support our hypothesis because the phosphorus algae group grew more than the control group. We believe these results are due to phosphorus being necessary for the building of DNA, among other functions in the cell.

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