Picky Plants: Which Color of Light Do They Prefer?

Thomas Ayres, Jordan Gauss, Parmida Gebreili, Traci Richardson


Plants with different pigments grow better under certain lighting conditions. We are looking specifically at how well green pigmented plants grow under various light conditions. Many researchers have been more concerned with how well plants grow better under certain light conditions, but we are specifically focused on the difference between how well plants grow under red light, versus how they grow under green light. To answer the question, we grew green plants under different colors of light, red and green. Over the course of two weeks, we measured the plants daily to observe under which color of light the plants grow better. This research will give a reason to the observation that some plants grow better under different light conditions. This can be applied to replanting trees, and other plants lost to deforestation. By observing what light treatments plants grow best, they can be regrown, and replanted to reverse the effects of deforestation.

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