How the Wavelength of Light Absorbed Affects the Production of Oxygen in Plants

Emily Wilkinson, Thomas Spadea, Molly Sughroue, Traci Richardson


In this experiment, we investigated how placing plants under particular wavelengths affected the rate of photosynthesis by means of oxygen production. Because oxygen production is affected by the rate of photosynthesis (Ruangdej and Fukami, 2004), we hypothesized that blue light caused the plant to produce more oxygen than red light. Other groups studied different species of plants with different pigments, so we decided to study just one Epipremnum aureum, because its leaves are almost completely green. To test our hypothesis, we placed a plant under blue, red, and green light (our control group) and measured the amount of oxygen produced under each wavelength. From our research we can learn about how well plants can grow under specific wavelengths of light.

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