The Effects of Environmental Temperature on Hissing Cockroaches’ Metabolic Rates

Kyra Carlson, Haley Boyer, Tallie Alsup, Mikensi Bryant, Jeremy Kaplan, Matthew Newman




In this study, we found the effect of environmental temperature on metabolic rates of cockroaches. Conducting this experiment gave us insight into ectotherms and their internal reactions to temperature. The output of CO2 directly correlated to, and was used to measure, metabolic rate. In turn, we recorded five cockroaches’ outputs of CO2 while they were exposed to different temperatures. By measuring the metabolic rate of the cockroaches, it gave us more understanding as to how ectotherms are able to survive in the environments that they live in. We found that the metabolic rate of cockroaches is higher in a warmer temperature when compared to a cooler temperature.

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