The Growth of Algae (Picochlorum oklahomesnse) in Mineral Water

Mckenzie Urteaga, Arash Shakeeb, Andrea Solorio, Austin Leone, Alexander Zakrzewicz


Algae can be used to make biofuels, which could serve as an alternative source of energy for fossil fuels. In order to produce algae, it must have access to supplements. We tested the effect of a cocktail of different vitamins on the growth of algae. We hypnotized that the algae will grow at a faster rate in the solution that contained Members Mark Black Raspberry Sparkling Water compared to the solution only containing salt water. In order to test this, we added Members Mark Black Raspberry Sparkling Water to 4 photobioreactors and compared the algae growth following one-week trials to our control that didn’t have the added sparkling water. We found that the photobioreactors containing the sparkling water had a higher growth rate compared those without. Although we are unsure which specific ingredient contributed to algae growth.

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