Algae Fast Food: How Runoff Causes Ballooning in Algae Numbers and Causes Mass Death Authors: Alicia Johns, Aubrey Hicks, Connor Grigg, Cameron Jackson,

Alicia Johns, Aubrey Hicks, Cameron Jackson, Traci Richardson


We are investigating what nutrient stimulates the rate of eutrophication. Is it phosphorous? Is it nitrate? What is going to cause this alga to expand its biomass, die off due to lack of sunlight and space on the surface of the lakes, and feed decomposers? Previous studies have determined that phosphorous and nitrate are factors, but have not established which one is the primary factor (Carter, 2013). In order to find out, we recreated a pond with various kinds of runoff and measured oxygen depletion in a lab setting. In finding this primary ingredient, we can eliminate it from bodies of water and prevent anoxia all over the world.

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