EpHect of pH on Algal Growth: Cell Count and Chlorophyll-a Absorbance

Julie Nguyen, Kelsey Pierce, Madeline Milller, Raegan Peters, Amelia Vazquez


There is current research on utilizing algae for a source of biofuels. Our experiment questions the effects of pH levels on the growth rate of algae. We hypothesized that as the pH level increases, the growth rate of algae will increase.  The study was done with the use of photobioreactors with urea and media growth in various levels of pH. With the first trial, we had very little to no algal growth in any of the photobioreactors. With the second trial, the highest algal growth was in the photobioreactor with a pH of 7.11. This shows that our hypothesis was not supported because algal growth is more optimal in a neutral pH level.

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