The Effects of Phosphorus Runoff on Algae Growth and Eutrophication Process

Kiefer Peckham, Chandler Smith, Nursel Oyludag, caitlin smith, kelsey deal, jenna barley


In order to help BiRAQC’s water quality division slow the effects of the eutrophication process we ran an experiment that will help us better understand the effects of additional phosphorus on algae growth in non-natural ponds. We did this by putting 35 ml of water into 6 falcon tubes. Two of the six falcon tubes have zero added (control)  phosphorus, the next two have 10% phosphorus added (3.5 ml of sodium phosphate) and the last two of the six falcon tubes have a 20% solution added (7 ml of sodium phosphate). We found that the most algae present was at the 0% phosphorus added. This was not what we expected to happen, but we believe that this result is from the fact that the amount of nitrogen present was very small. Our experiment will help JIBI and BiRAQC know that when a key nutrient is lacking from the water, algae growth is drastically decreased.

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