Fun with Scum: Effects of Different Nutrients on the Photosynthesis Process of Algae

Holden Halferty, Zack Harris, Tate Kitchell, Michael Cobbs, Andrew Porter, Rebel Lynn Hester


The dissolved oxygen content of four different Dolese Pond Outlet algae and nutrient mixtures were measured to see which would provide the greatest oxygen output to benefit to game fish, if any. We tested the dissolved oxygen content of the samples, which were allowed a weeks’ time for growth. The data collected overall presents that the presence of nutrients with algae produces a higher dissolved oxygen content then algae with no nutrients provided. With that being said, it is necessary that nutrients should be provided to the algae to gain better results of dissolved oxygen within the water.


Photosynthesis, Fertilizer, Sodium Phosphate, Potassium Nitrate, Algae, Dolese Pond

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