The Effect of a Warm Temperature Environment on Tenebrio Molitor’s Metabolic Rate

Peyton Vincze, Kaitlin Warford, Catie White, Gwen Tipling, Allison Bryant


Tenebrio molitors, or large mealworms, rely on getting their body heat externally, making them ectotherms. Previous studies have shown that mealworms’ metabolic rate increases as temperature increases. We ran two trials, one at room temperature (24°C), and one at a warm temperature (30°C). By doing this, we were able to collect data to see whether there was a difference of metabolic rate between the two temperatures. With the data that was collected, it was shown that the metabolic rate was actually higher at room temperature than at the warmer temperature. Therefore, our hypothesis that the mealworms’ metabolic rate will increase with a temperature increase is not supported.

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