The Effect of Model Color on the Mating Behavior of Male Poecilia reticulata

Taylor Nickles, Matthew Myers, Abby Parks, Ashlynn Harris


Mating is a necessity for a species to survive. When discussing the mating patterns of male guppies, Poecilia reticulata, and determining whether or not guppies prefer orange vs. gray or purple vs. gray requires you to record data or observe the already collected data. Because the orange model is much easier to see than the other two models, the hypothesis is that the guppies will prefer an orange model over a gray model and prefer a purple model over a gray model. The hypothesis was tested by taking data from the Center for Study of sexual Selection in Fishes and finding trends of mating behavior from the male guppies to the colored model. The data gathered for the orange model is mixed and unsupportive of our hypothesis for the orange model but supportive of our hypothesis for the purple model. It is suggested if one would want to attempt this same experiment they may want to gather a larger data set with a good experiment design to find results that lean more towards one direction.

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