Light intensities affecting Chlorella vulgaris growth

Bobbie Richard, Lilli Loomis, Taylor Raney, Garrett McDowell, Jonathan Albers


The Biofuels Research and Aquatic Quality Collaborative (BiRAQC), is a company that studies the local species of algae as a part of an effective biofuel producer. This experiment will be helping BiRAQC maximize the efficiency of biofuel output. The experiment conducted looked at the effect of light on algae at different variants of light exposure. It was hypothesized that under more light, more algae will continue to grow because there will be more energy levels to provide speed for photosynthesis. A photobioreactor was the setup for the conduction of the experiment. For the results of this experiment it concluded that the bottle that has two layers of cheesecloth grew more algae over a week period as seen in figure one. The hypothesis was not supported because the amount of algae growth in bottles exposed to less light was greater than those exposed to more light.

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