The Effects of Light Exposure on the Cell Growth of Chlorella vulgaris

Trip Brown, Jack Fuchs, Alicia Clegg, Ashley Fritch, Sarah Winburn


The research conducted by our group was an experiment to find the best way to grow algae resulting in a high cell count. We tested our experiment by growing Chlorella vulgaris in a controlled environment using eight photobioreactors. The two control groups were exposed to LED light and the two experimental groups were cut off from light with the use of tinfoil. We hypothesize if algae is exposed to LED light, then the final cell count will be greater because the algae will be able to go through photosynthesis. We assembled 8 photobioreactors and allowed them to grow for a week. With the use of chlorophyll count using a fluorometer, cell count using a hemocytometer, and a Secchi stick measuring the density, we were able to get an accurate explanation of the effect of light on C. vulgaris. Our experiment resulted in our hypothesis being inconclusive since week one and week two results are based on compromised experimental data. When comparing our results to other studies, there is supported evidence that light will help algae grow. 

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