Male Poecilia Reticulata preferences on visual wavelengths in female guppies

Bobbie Richard, Lilli Loomis, Taylor Raney, Garrett McDowell, Jonathan Albers


The Center for the Sexual Study of Sexual Selection in Fishes (CS3F) is an institution that studies the sexual behaviors of mate choices in fishes. They observe the behaviors of the fish such as how they choose their mates. Our hypothesis was that the male guppies would be more attracted to the more visible wavelength colored female guppies. This lab was based on pre-existing labs from the guppy database. From our results, we concluded that there is an insufficient amount of data to prove that male guppies prefer brightly colored female guppies. A wavelength of 380 nm will attract a male more than a female with standard grey color with a wavelength of 542-612 nm. Overall, the hypothesis was not supported that male guppies would be attracted to female guppies of a higher visible wavelength.

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