The Effect Size of Female Poecilia Reticulata has on Attracting Males

Dawson Neighbors, Landrie Lewallen, raven hoffman, Amanda Loebeck, Xi Wen


There have been many studies conducted showing the correlation between the size of male guppies and their attraction towards females. Some studies also compare varying colors and body shapes as a factor when selecting a fit mate. In the experiment conducted, we show the effects that body size can have on male guppies choosing mating female partners. We have collected data from the Oklahoma State University biology website in order to show the amount of time the male guppy spent in the choice zone near female guppies of varying size and color. We hypothesize that when male guppies are given the opportunity, they will choose the significantly larger female guppy to mate with. In a more logical sense, males choosing to mate with the larger female would have a higher success of producing offspring, than mating with a smaller guppy. For this investigation, our results are inconclusive due to the data we have obtained. Our results show that there was not enough statistical difference between the large body-sized females and control body-sized female guppies. This could be due to the fact that we had multiple traits that influence sexual selection displayed in our investigation such as two different colors of guppies being compared. This being said there is not enough evidence in our investigation alone to show how female guppy size affects sexual selection in males.

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