Affect of Sexual Differences on Metabolic Rate in Dubia Roaches (Blaptica Dubia) in Cold Temperatures

Jordan Wallace, Madelyne Young, Keshawn Wallace, Jude Birkenholz


Cellular respiration is essential to all living organisms because it provides cells with the energy that they need to properly function. In this study we evaluated if female dubia roaches have a higher metabolic rate in colder temperatures compared to males. To establish if that is true or not we tested both male and female metabolic rates in CO2 chambers with cold temperatures as well as room temperature. Our results indicate that female dubias have a higher metabolic rate than males in colder temperatures. This correlation could tell us that sex plays a vital role in metabolic rates for dubia roaches however, more studies are needed which account for specific sexual differences. With more research this trend could be related to other ectotherms.

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