The Effect of Ambient Temperature on Metabolic Rates of Blaptica dubia

Trent Martindale, Conner Schmitz, Ryan Sampson, Samantha Schuck, Ashlynn Harris


Dubia cockroaches (Blaptica dubia) are endothermic species that typically average around 1.6-1.8 inches in length. Because these species are endothermic, they show major change in metabolic productivity with sharp changes in ambient temperature. We hypothesized that with lower ambient temperatures, the metabolic rate of the Blaptica dubia would decrease and would equally increase with higher ambient temperatures. To test our hypothesis, we conducted 9 trials of which 3 were tested in a colder environment, three (3) were tested in a warmer environment, and three (3) were tested at room temperature where CO₂ productions were measured. Through this process, we learned that the metabolic rates decrease with lower ambient temperatures and increase with higher ambient temperatures - supporting our hypothesis. These results of this study are important in understanding the thermoregulation methods of endotherms.

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