Sugar and Spice: The Effect of Garlic Powder and Clove on Yeast Production

Aiden Minton, Austin Lyons, Maddy Poynter, Keara Richardson, Desi Wilson


Yeast is significant as it plays a large role in biological systems and human industry especially food and drink production. To learn more about the yeast production manipulation, two spices, garlic powder and ground clove, were chosen based on the expected inhibited production of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). To test the fermentation rate of the five trials conducted on the control and both experimental groups, we measured the carbon dioxide output; if more carbon dioxide is present, there is a higher fermentation rate. The data collected showed that both ground clove and garlic powder produced less carbon dioxide as opposed to the control. This supported our original hypothesis that garlic powder and ground clove would inhibit or slow down yeast fermentation. Knowing that garlic powder and ground clove inhibits the production of yeast could be beneficial in controlling the process of fermentation in many places.

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