The Effect of Color on Male Mate Choice in Guppies

Brandon Widman, Blair Kloeppel, Tozjai White, Jenna Barley, Kelsey Deal


 We decided to test the mating behaviors in guppies to get a better understanding of fish mating and patterns. Learning about the mating behaviors in fish will provide more information about fisheries and how to improve fish population in their environment. Several studies have been conducted that focus on female’s choosing a mate, however, research is lacking for why males choose a mate. We placed two 3D guppy models in a tank with a male guppy and monitored the time the male spent with each model. We chose to use a black 3D model to see how the dark model made the male fish react. Our study will provide information about males preference in mate, rather than females, to greater understand guppy mating habits, as a species.


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