Metabolic rate of Endotherms with regards to temperature

Shelby Preece, Danci Johnston, Tom Lawlis, Jeremy Kaplan


Mice require more energy when they are out of their thermal neutral zone (TNZ) which causes a higher metabolic rate and production of CO2. The problem we were tackling was whether or not the mouse actually consumed more O2 based on the climatic conditions we placed the mouse into. The reason an answer has not been given is because people have yet to be concerned with the environment, until recently that is. With the destruction of the Ozone layer, the ambient temperature of the planet has either risen or cooled over the passing years. This is causing the metabolic rate and O2 consumption by people to increase, with these changes we need to understand how temperature plays a part in O2 consumption, to accurately predict our future metabolic rate conditions. We tackled the question by measuring the O2 consumption rate of the mice in different climatic conditions to see if climate played a part in metabolic rate. We expect these new findings to change the way people treat the environment and reduce the destruction of the Ozone layer.  

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