The Effects of Bovine Serum on the Growth Dynamics of A10 Cells in Culture

Habib Yazgi, Justin W. Cogan, Saeid Atashpanjeh, Jacqueline S. McLaughlin


This research investigated the change in growth dynamics of A10 cell cultures with and without bovine serum. A10 cells are smooth muscle cells derived from the thoracic aorta of a BDIX embryonic rat, Rattus norvegicus. The purpose of this research was to study the growth curve dynamics of A10 cells and the factors that affect their viability in cell culture. Two experimental groups were used in this experiment: one culture of A10 cells was exposed to media and 5% fetal bovine serum (FBS); and, a second culture grown in media without FBS. A control group of A10 cells received fresh media and 5% FBS every three days without passage (trypsinization). The results of this experiment indicated a substantial difference in the growth of A10 cells in 5% FBS solution when compared to 0% FBS solution. Typical lag, log, and declining growth curve phases were evident in the FBS culture; however, a plateau phase was absent. Only lag and declining phase were observed in the culture that lacked FBS. The results suggest that the deprivation of nutrients, serum, and/or the accumulation of nitrogenous wastes result in lethal changes in A10 cell growth and morphology in cell culture.

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