Monster Mice vs. Wiggly Worms: Battle to the EXTREMES

Shelby Moak, Lauren Mohar, Meghan McGrath, Chance Matthesen, Kelsey Deal


We are testing two different organisms, one ectotherm one endotherm, to see how their metabolic rate changes as temperature does. Because of the endotherms and ectotherms different metabolic rates this will cause the results to vary. As stated in our hypothesis, the ectotherm, wax worms, which is subjected to a lower temperature will experience a decrease in metabolic rate, as endotherm, the mice, will experience an increase in metabolic rate. We tested each organism in three trials at a cold, room, and hot temperature to test our hypothesis. The mice had a higher metabolic rate at the cold temperature, whereas the worm had a higher rate at hot temperatures. In comparison to other scholarly articles that we included in our research, our results were comparable.

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