Algae: It’ll Grow on You

Makenzie Darby, Cameron Timothy Cremin, Hannah Burkett, Linh Chau, Lawrence Adegbule


In this study we wanted to examine the effects of algae density with the absence of light and the addition of phosphate. We carried out this investigation by creating four photobioreactors each with different qualities involved light and sodium phosphate levels. We hypothesized that a bright environment with the addition of sodium phosphate would yield the densest algae out of the four photobioreactors due to light encouraging photosynthesis and phosphate speeding up the process. Our hypothesis was supported by the observed increase in density of the algae within the sodium phosphate-infused photobioreactor that was left open to light.  The algae density found in this photobioreactor was significantly higher than the other treatments that we imposed.  



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