The Effect of Light on Cell Production in Algae

Madison Schein, Ellie Seaton, kenesha Stewart, Chris Spencer, Lindsey Worcester


In this experiment, we tested the effect of light on the production of algae with the hypothesis that as light decreases, so will the amount of algae produced. To test this, we created photobioreactors, two as a control and two as an experimental group. The controls would be placed in light while the experimental would be covered so there would be no access to light. The algae in the experimental group would have a lack of source of light to produce energy which ultimately would lead to the lack of the ability to reproduce. Samples of each of these photobioreactors were taken and we calculated the average cell count which led to our results that light enables the algae to grow while the algae that were covered were inhibited and lacked the ability to reproduce.

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