The Effects of Different Concentrations of Sucrose on the Growth of Yeast

Tala Barnett, Taylor Atwood, Bert Blasdel, Cole Boker, Tim Anderson


Yeast is used for baking and fermentation of alcohol. Many factors affect the fermentation of yeast such as  nutrient supplementation, temperature, osmotic pressure, oxygen, intracellular ethanol accumulation, and ethanol tolerance (D’Amore 1992). Yeast needs sugar for fermentation. We wanted to test different concentrations of sucrose to see which would be the best for fermentation to occur most effectively. We hypothesized that the highest concentration (5%) of sucrose would produce the greatest rate of production for the yeast because there is more sugar available to the yeast. We tested our hypothesis and the results showed that the 4% concentration of sucrose was the most effective concentration to produce the greatest production of yeast. Therefore, 4% of sucrose concentration would be the best concentration to use for the most effective fermentation of alcohol and baking.

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