The Increased Ethanol Yield of Yeast Corresponding to Lower Concentration of Salt Compared and Higher Temperatures

Samantha Lazarowicz, Jamie Lange, matthew lowrie, Emily Looper, Scott Goeppner


 Yeast has been used to aid in baking and the production of food for centuries (Stoll et. al. 2015). Yeast uses sugars in order to produce carbon dioxide, ethanol, and glycerol (Stoll et. al. 2015). The idea behind the experiment was to find the most effective combination of treatments that produces the highest levels of ethanol. The study tested the hypothesis that a higher salt concentration and higher water temperature would yield more ethanol from the yeast. The results do not completely support our hypothesis, as the experiment with the lowest concentration of salt and highest temperature is what yielded the largest amount of ethanol.  

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