Anaerobic Conditions Show Decrease in Yeast Growth

Karley Brock, Londyn Cole, Caleb Alexander, Mitchell Brigden, Meelyn Pandit


Previous studies have addressed how factors such as sugar concentrations, temperature, and pH affect the growth rates of yeast. Few studies, however, have tested how anaerobic versus aerobic conditions affects the growth rates of yeast. For our study, we hypothesized that there will be lower growth for yeast in anaerobic conditions rather than aerobic because aerobic respiration provides oxygen to be used as electron acceptors in the electron transport chain which increases cell growth (Hoefnagels 2012, 106). In order to conduct our experiment, we measured cell density in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Our hypothesis was supported because the greatest growth was found in the yeast placed in aerobic conditions. Our results can help future studies, regarding yeast and yeast growth, better understand optimal conditions to store the yeast during experimentation, baking, brewing, and other research. 

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