Effects of Increasing Sucrose Concentrations on CO2 Output in Yeast

Lauren Crow, Ryan Brownen, Stacy Chan, Camisha Brown, Lindsey Worcester


We studied the effects of pH on CO2 output as a factor of growth rate. Acme Brewing and Baking, Organisms create ATP through cellular respiration, fermentation, or photosynthesis by converting sugar into ATP. In this experiment, we tested the CO2 output with increasing  sucrose concentrations of the solutions using a CO2 probe because CO2 is a product of fermentation so the more CO2 output the greater the yeast growth. We hypothesized that CO2 output would increase with increasing sucrose concentrations in yeast because sucrose provides yeast with more energy to grow. In the experiment, there were four groups with increasing sucrose concentrations and we measured the CO2 output over three trials. The results of the study showed that for the most part, increasing the sucrose concentrations in a yeast solution causes the CO2 output levels to increase meaning an increased growth of yeast. The data in the experiment supported our hypothesis, because the more sucrose added to the solution, the higher the rate of yeast growth. Based on the conclusions of this study, Acme Brewing and Baking could benefit from increasing sucrose concentrations in their yeast in order to promote higher growth rates. 

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