The Effect of Hot and Cold Temperatures on the Metabolic Rate of Ectothermic Super worms

Mckenzie Bedford, Hannah Sutton, Araya Fetters, Dalton Cunningham, Tyler Ryan


This experiment was designed to determine the relationship between metabolic rate and ambient temperatures of Ectotherms. In order to identify this, we utilized three chambers that were set at different ambient temperatures. We placed the super worms in these chambers for an interval of seven minutes and recorded the change in CO2 levels as well as the temperature of the chamber. After performing this study, we concluded that temperature does correlate with metabolic rate. Supporting our hypothesis, we found that in warmer temperatures the CO2 rate was increased indicating that metabolic rate was also increased.

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-This study showed the relationship between metabolic rates and temperatures of mice which are endotherms. We are testing this relationship but with ectotherms.

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-This journal provided us with information of the relations among endotherms and ectotherms metabolic rate with ambient temperatures.

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-This study is closely to ours because they are testing the temperatures and metabolic rates of ectotherms

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-This study discusses ectothermy which is our main subject.

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-We are testing metabolism in relation thermal temperature in ectotherms. This study is studying the relationship of metabolism and thermoregulation in grasshoppers, which are ectotherms.


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