Three Albino Mice: Relationship Between Temperature and CO2 Emission

Kelsey Pierce, Madeline Miller, Julie Nguyen, Amelia Vazquez


Our experiment was conducted to discover the correlation between carbon dioxide output in mice and ambient temperature to demonstrate ambient temperature’s effect on metabolic rate in endotherms.  To complete this experiment, we placed the mouse into a bio-chamber for a period of five minutes. Using a carbon dioxide probe, we measured the carbon dioxide output of the mouse in varied ambient temperatures: warm, cool, and room temperature. The CO2 emission measured at room temperature serves as a control for the experiment; data collected at all other temperatures is compared to the mouse’s CO2 output at room temperature. The results of the three trials were similar. In each trial, we saw that the carbon dioxide output was much higher in the cooler temperature and lower in the warmer temperature. These results contradicted our hypothesis.

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