Algae Growth and Dissolved Oxygen Levels with Varying Nutrients Added

Journei Green, Rylee Hunter, Jordan Green, Braden Fountain, Shannon Beck


Eutrophication is a naturally occurring event caused by excess nutrients in water systems and our human run off has increased the frequency of eutrophication. We tested how sodium phosphate, urea, and powdered milk affect algae growth. We tested this by testing the dissolved oxygen levels at the beginning of the trial and at the end of the trial. Each trial lasted 1 week and we tested at the beginning of the week and then the end of the week. Our hypothesis was if we add powdered milk, sodium phosphate, and urea to a water source in different containers respectively, then there will be an increase in algae growth due to the increased levels of nutrients. This will be measured through dissolved oxygen levels. In trial one, we saw that with added nutrients the dissolved oxygen levels went down this data follows our hypothesis. In trial two, we saw that the dissolved oxygen levels went up therefore this data does not follow our hypothesis. In the future, we hope to run more trials to further test our hypothesis.

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