Is the hemocytometer or the Moxi-Z Mini Automated Cell Counter a more reliable form of measurement?

Joshua McFarland, Kassadi Simien, Marieh Pritchett, Tyler Rouse, Nicole Parker


This study was conducted to compare two different methods for counting yeast cells. The Oflo Moxi-Z mini is an instrument that counts cells by size in liquid media (D. French). This is also used to determine cell concentrations. A hemocytometer is a special slide used to determine the concentration of cells in a sample (D. French). This method uses different grids where the area and volume of each square is precisely measured so the researcher can estimate by averaging the total of cells in every square to get the entire total. In the first reading, the Orflo Moxi-Z and the hemocytometer were used in the start of the yeast culture. At the end of the experiment, both Orflo Moxi-Z and the Hemocytometer counted the yeast cells. The conclusion after conducting this experiment was that the hemocytometer was most accurate when counting the yeast cells compared to the Orflo Moxi-Z. Because the Orflo Moxi-Z is best used for solutions that have big cells, the hemocytometer is the more likely idea when wanting to count yeast cells.

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