Shine Bright like a Guppy: How Intensity of Light Affects Guppy Mating Behavior

Samantha Simpson, Jenna Borrelli, Kyle Sampson, Rachel Terry, Graham Davis


Poecilla reticulata guppies are popular test subjects for scientists interested in the mating behavior of fish. The intensity of the light shone on potential female guppy mates is a significant variable to be considered in studying guppy mating behavior. Previous studies have found a positive correlation between high light intensity on the female guppy and shallower depths of water. Our group set up an experiment to identify which level: none, low, and high intensity of light on female guppies yields the greatest male guppy mating behavior. We hypothesized that the male guppy will show the most guppy mating preference toward the female guppy models with the highest light intensity shone on them because high levels of light intensity are displayed in shallower depths of water, making them easier to see. The results of our experiment concluded there is a positive relationship between male guppy mating behavior toward females with high light intensity shone on them.

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