The Relationship of Increased Temperatures on the Metabolic Rate of Ectotherms in the Species of Gromphadorhina Portentosa when Compared to Decreased Temperatures

Dawson Haworth, stormy gordon, Bailey Kauff, Shannon Greenwald, Melisa Robinson


            Metabolism is a factor that is present in every living organism but varies from environmental factors in the area of ectotherms. These environmental factors include ambient temperature that the organisms are exposed to for a period of time. With ambient temperature being the main area of focus for the resulting metabolic rates, the question arose that related to does increased temperatures have a greater effect on the metabolic rate of ectotherms, more specifically in the species of Gromphadorhina Portentosa, when compared to the resulting metabolic rate of decreased temperatures. The procedure to research this question included a total of four trials consisting of three different groups each. The groups included two experimental groups of increased and decreased temperatures and one control group that is kept at a constant room temperature.  

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